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The Woodworking Smart Saw to Know About


Alex Grayson, a car industry engineer just transformed how we do DIY wood projects. His discovery has already changed the way thousands of DIY enthusiasts complete their projects, decorate their homes or do woodwork and carpentry.

It is a secret most ‘professionals’ would rather keep, even though many use it. Since over 10,211,457 people are already benefiting we decided to see what it is all about.

The Smart Saw allows us to make unique pieces of furniture that looks fabulous and professional with minimal time and effort.

People with no woodworking experience are turning dismantled old chairs into unique works of art. We love that feeling of turning dream wood projects into reality, especially ones never thought possible.


Designs like these are beyond reach unless one is a master woodworker with specialized equipment.




CNC Machines and Routers

Our ability to do woodworking projects and designs is restricted by the tools we have. The Smart Saw creates almost any bespoke woodwork. It helps formulate and bring wood craft designs into reality at the push of a button.

Alex teaches you the steps to building your own new CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine also called a CNC router. Plug measurements into the Smart Saw and it automatically carves wood pieces with intricate designs to your exact specifications.

It is 100% accurate and the digital machine moves perfectly as required. New CNC machines cost thousands of dollars and one can pay more than $2,000 for used ones.

In addition to the cost, we found that CNC machines have to be installed, connected and setup correctly after it is delivered which requires technical expertise. For some, training is required because the machine and software it comes with are complicated to use. We have seen precious wood wastage until things are in place in a particular way.


The Smart Saw Explained

The Smart Saw is a fraction of the cost and straightforward to use. Whilst you might have the knowledge, experience and skills to carve out good looking designs by hand accurately, it can be exhausting, time consuming and prone to errors.


It is a much faster and efficient method for completing wood projects.



Find out about the fully detailed plans here:


Show Me The DIY Smart Saw Plans Now




Tools to Build It

It is simple to get started, you require these basic tools:




How it Works

The Smart Saw is a digital machine that carves out highly precise details into any kind of wood.


Connect it to any computer using a simple USB cable.


Once connected, download designs into the saw to make almost anything imaginable. Enter dimensions and basic information into your computer and that data commands the Smart Saw to move exactly the way you want it for accurate tailored woodwork and intricate carvings.

Designs can be done for furniture, wooden toys, home decorations, shop signs, surfing board, shelves, engraved cigar boxes, desks, guitars, TV cabinets, dog kennels to name a few. There are no limits to what can be built.


The Benefits

Some of the benefits include:

  • Low Cost. Much cheaper than a CNC machine.
  • Saves Time. 20 times faster than the human hand.
  • 100% Precision. Self correcting with no room for error.
  • No Waste. Saves wood.
  • Create Perfect Cutouts. No need to repeatedly try to get the measurements right.
  • For Beginners and Professionals. Successfully finish the most complex projects regardless of experience.
  • Print outs. Designs can be printed.
  • Works on Autopilot. Click a design, the Smart Saw does the work.
  • 3D App. Interactive 360 view of the entire project.



The 3D App has assembled and exploded views for every component.



See How The 3D App Works


What Exactly Do You Get?

The DIY Smart Saw program includes:

  • Step by Step Instruction Manual. Filled with tips, notes and hints to build the Smart Saw quickly and easily.
  • Blueprint Plans and Template Illustrations. Detailed diagrams and plans illustrate each step of the assembly.
  • Video Tutorial. Alex guides you all the way to building your Smart Saw requiring no prior knowledge.
  • Complete Parts List. Easily available and we already had some of the items at home.
  • 24/7 Access to Customer Service. To address any questions and provide assistance.
  • FREE Special Bonus Video. Alex’s tutorial for using the Smart Saw to build incredible projects.

One is ready to build their own Smart Saw in just a couple of hours with these resources that you get:


Learn more about the DIY Smart Saw


Money Back Guarantee

Covered by a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

There is a full refund if you feel the Smart Saw is not for you within 60 days. This gives one reasonable time to go through the material.



No Guesswork Required

At present, few people have the patience and skills required to build their own CNC machine. We find the information online overly technical and confusing. Most require a technical background like engineering to understand the formulas, jargon and science concepts. The DIY Smart Saw program takes the guesswork away. You only have to watch the videos, read the instructions and follow the blueprint.

Low Cost

The cost of building the Smart Saw is significantly less than the cost of a CNC machine let alone a used one. It is ideal for those who do not want to invest in an expensive CNC machine. It is a great option for those in woodworking and carpentry who want to do intricate designs and projects accurately and fast.

Easy to Use

The instructions are clear and easy to follow. You will be able to do a trouble-free assembly to put this machine together without difficulties.


You can turn your hobby into a lucrative business by selling beautiful woodwork of your own creation.



At present, there are no DVD versions or hard copies of the program available which could be inconvenient for some. An internet connection is required to view these.

Whilst the program makes it seem effortless, there is focus and concentration required to build your Smart Saw. One needs to put in some work to get it done. After all, we are building a CNC machine albeit in a much simplified way.

The upside is that it is exciting to build and that achievement is a project in itself to be proud of. Making beautiful wood pieces for years to come with a machine we built is satisfying. So, putting together one’s own Smart Saw is worth the effort.

Watch the Smart Saw in action:







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